My art

And the reasons why I paint

I see the world in pictures. They touch my inner space in a different way than the verbal language.
Some images evoke joy, some sadness, some anger, some frustration or curiosity. Some, I just want to have.
Pictures gives an inner calmness. Painting pictures is to communicate something. Sometimes just by myself, sometimes I want to send a message to the viewer.

The viewer makes the picture, put their own story in their interpretation of the image. Therein interesting conversations can arise between us.


Oil is my friend. We fit well together and the result gives a depth in the colors like no other color. Patience in the making is not my strong point, which oil requires. I solved it by keeping up with multiple images simultaneously. To draw the brush with oil paint on canvas gives a feeling that can not be described in words. You have to try it for yourself to understand the difference. Pictures in itself precedes language in our development. The entry of language allows us to analyze and communicate images. Therefore, I paint.



Acrylic, Guache & Watercolor

These colours are really suited to my energy since they dry fast but the result is matte. On the other hand, these colors laccase. They are great when I work with collages and glue pieces to the colour and paint over it. The acrylic is also a lot cheaper than the oil.


The enamel technique came into my life in the first year of art school. Love occurred and remains. Many plates have been going in and out of the oven.

The excitement when the grid is taken out of the oven with smoking fresh plates that change colors when they cool. You can’t control the process, which can be frustrating. But on the other hand, as exciting each time.

It is almost deceptively beautiful with the glass surface, the shine and they’ll last for several thousand years.

The enamel came to stay in my heart.


I have attended many courses in graphics and all the techniques you can get involved with. I’ve had a difficult relation to this difficult technique but lately love have matured.

The graphics are clean and quiet. I like the black/white as a contrast to all the colors of the other techniques.